June 23, 2024
adopt in the office for a green workspace

In order not to put pressure on yourself at work, we put on plants that require very little maintenance or even on indestructible plants . Are you on vacation and no colleague is there to take care of your precious plants? Do not panic, your mini green space will survive if you opt for these plants.


With its jungle-like glazed leaves , this ultra-popular, air-cleaning plant (from the Araceae family) doesn’t need a lot of light to thrive and can survive in any temperature (even if you have air conditioning). in the open space).


This succulent, also called “crassula ovata” , likes indirect exposure to the sun (a good point if your desk is next to the window). Perfect for small spaces, these mini shrubs with resistant leaves that can retain water (understand that there is no rush to water them regularly) seem perfect for decorating an office.


This sculptural plant filters the air , produces oxygen, and improves sleep as a bonus (also to be adopted in the bedroom, therefore). And it’s not over, since maintenance level aloe vera breaks records… just water it every two weeks.


Preferring indirect light, the cactus in the XS version does not require much except to water it every week during the summer.

As indestructible as the others , the sanseviera (also called “the snake plant) comes from Africa (from the Ethiopian desert more precisely) and does not require any specific maintenance. Only routine to adopt: water it every week.

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