July 18, 2024
During Home Improvement

A furnace is a common appliance in most homes. If conducting home upgrades, you may want to focus on the kitchen, bathroom, and patio. But, the furnace should also top your list. It helps keep your home warm and is handy in cold months. However, it may experience issues from time to time which may affect its functioning. There are various signs of a faulty furnace, and you should spot them early enough. Besides, you don’t want to be caught up by the cold winter nights with a malfunctioned furnace.

Here are common furnace issues to look out for and fix during home upgrades:

1.Dirty filters

A clogged filter will affect the efficiency of your furnace. It can also damage your device, especially the limit switch. The signs of a dirty or clogged furnace filter are, dusty vents, poor indoor air quality, the HVAC takes longer to heat, and high power bills. If this happens, call a professional from a  Furnace Repair Company to replace the clogged filters.

2.Weak pilot light

The pilot light is a vital aspect for the optimal functioning of your furnace. A yellow or flickering light may be an indication of a problem. It may result from excess carbon monoxide in a gas furnace. However, you shouldn’t change the pilot light but should call a technician.

3. Cracked heat exchanger

The heat exchanger is yet another part. It separates the air from the warming flame and ensures your furnace operates safely. However, it may crack if you fail to replace the filters or overheat your home. If you experience heating issues with your furnace, the heat exchanger may be cracked.

4. Frayed blower belt

The blower belt forms part of the motor and helps in running the furnace. But the belt can fray and break over time, and you may notice high-pitched squealing sounds from your furnace during operation. You can fix this by replacing the frayed belt. This will ensure improved efficiency peak fan performance.

5. Limit switch issues

A limit switch controls the temperature and shuts down the burners in case of overheating. The blower fan will then get activated to cool the system and the limit switch will trigger the furnace burners to repeat the process. If your limit switch fails to function as required,  your furnace may continually blow

6. Funace not blowing air

If your blower is clogged, this may affect the functioning of your furnace. Ensure that the blower is clean and free from dirt and debris. Also, check for flashing lights on the blower.  If the furnace shows a red flashing light, call a technician to help out.

7. Rattling noises

Are you experiencing rattling or pinging noises from your furnace? These may be due to loose components or panels and require tightening. The rattling noises are mostly due to ductwork but odd noises may be a sign of an issue.

In conclusion, a well-functioning furnace will enhance comfort in your home. But you may need repairs if you notice some of the mentioned issues. However, you should have your furnace inspected and repaired by a professional technician. DIY repairs can impair your safety and damage your furnace.

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