June 23, 2024
Laminates for Kitchen

Laminate is a tough substance that is made by pressing plastic and paper resin under high pressure. Lamination provides smoothness to the surface and increases its life span by many years. It overcomes the bumpiness on the surface that is caused by slight ups and downs.

CenturyPly has been at the forefront of implementing workplace innovation. This fundamental principle has served as the foundation for all of our procedures and technology. It has led us to create and offer contemporary lifestyle statements that have come to be associated with modern living.

We live in a country where weather fluctuations are quite common. Thus, having a laminate type that is resistant enough to high pressure and temperature conditions, humidity, moisture, and mechanical stresses become a necessity. Century laminates have worked exceptionally in this field by manufacturing different types of laminates that act as a barrier between the atmosphere and underlying wood. They are suitable for all kinds of weather conditions.

Century Laminates’ decorative laminates come in a wide range of varieties and completely transform the space.

You can experiment a lot with laminates and end up discovering their endless range of applications. This is also the result of the varying degrees of colour, patterns and designs that come in this product. The decor pieces that are made out of laminates are a great alternative for all the fancy and stylish items.

Characteristics like water resistance, anti-ageing, low maintenance and weather resistance make the material an ideal choice for almost all the surface requirements.

Why avail Century Laminates?

Century Laminates offers a diverse choice of laminates in the country. Whether you want shiny interiors, a delicate atmosphere, or a secure laminate, they offer something for everyone to design their homes with.

Century Laminates is India’s only laminate producer that provides microbe resistance. It is made using cutting-edge technology that kills more than 99.99% of bacteria, fungi, and viruses while also preventing future microbial development.

Century Laminates is the nation’s most known maker of BWR laminates. BWR stands for Boiling Water Resistance. These laminates are very resistant to water and moisture and do not swell or warp, making them the highest grade laminates. Century Laminates are created by paying close attention to every element of the production process, ensuring that each customer obtains the most beautiful laminates for their dream houses that they have designed with great care.

All Century Laminates are created with particular adhesives and chemicals that render them borer and termite resistant, resulting in long-lasting durability. Take the safety and hygiene of our interiors to the next level with these beautiful laminates, which can be used not only in living rooms or workplaces but also in kitchen laminate designs.

Finding the right product to design your surfaces is equivalent to becoming a lucky winner who renovates their house daily, so it’s not at all negotiable that you find the perfect balance of choosing what is durable, stylish and affordable at the same time. Century Laminates has got your back.

They are made using modern technology, making Century Laminates a great choice for spaces including kitchens, restaurants and more. Identify your exact needs and choose from a wide range of decorative laminates and customise your furniture accordingly. Laminates are stain-resistant. They require very low maintenance and are super easy to clean. A special kind of Overlay Tissue Layer on Century Laminates gives them colour fastness. Carpenters also love to work with laminates. Moreover, Century Laminates come with a warranty of 7 years.

Century Laminates offers the greatest decorative laminate sheets and a plethora of options in terms of exotic colours, designs, textures, patterns, and numerous high-end features.

Century Laminates are classified into numerous sorts based on their uses, such as European Matt-Finish Silk Tuff Laminates, High-Gloss Lucida Laminates, and other speciality laminates. All of these characteristics have made them trustworthy to clients, and they don’t have to think too hard when it comes to developing furniture and other wooden goods.

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