May 20, 2024
Contractor Basics

A good fence is a significant investment. Before you hire someone to install one, make sure you do your research. It will ensure the work is done properly and you receive a high-quality outcome.

Some prep work can save you money, headaches, and stress. For example, clearing yard debris can reduce the project’s overall cost. Also, getting your plat staked can avoid property line disputes with neighbors.

Get Your Property Surveyed

It is essential to know your property lines before you install a fence. Getting a poll conducted in advance is significantly simpler and less expensive. If you don’t have a survey and the fence ends up on your neighbor’s side, they could file a lawsuit.

Contractors are familiar with the materials used to build fencing and can make recommendations based on your needs. They also know how long the project will take and what equipment is needed.

Detailed communication is critical to avoid any issues down the road. It is essential when working with a new contractor. If you have a specific idea, ensure the contractor can meet your expectations. Otherwise, you risk being dissatisfied with the outcome.

Do Your Research

Among the best ways to find a fence installation Lake County IL contractor you can trust is to ask around. Talk to people in your community and check online reviews. Just be aware that angry customers write reviews more often than satisfied ones. Check to discover if the firm you’re hiring has any examples of previous work. They should be ready to offer images of the many fence designs and installations they have carried out. It is also a good idea to ask the contractor about their materials and installation process. For example, expert fence contractors know to build dirt domes over the top of post holes rather than just filling them with dirt.

Schedule interviews with several candidates. It is a large purchase, and taking your time is essential.

Get a Second Opinion

Getting a second opinion from another fence contractor can help ensure you are being charged a fair price and that the job will be completed to your satisfaction. This stage may be helpful if you are concerned about the project’s quality or the supplies cost.

Unfinished work is one of the most common complaints against fence contractors. It can include not picking up debris after construction or not staining and coating the fence after installation.

Ask your potential fence contractor to provide you with photos of previous jobs they have done, or visit a showroom and look at finished projects in person. It can provide you with a decent sense of their quality and style. Ensuring the fence complies with local codes and ordinances is also essential.

Ask for a Portfolio

Before hiring them to install your fence, you must ensure the chosen contractor can fulfill their promise. It can be accomplished by asking for a portfolio of previous projects. Most contractors would be pleased to provide you with photos and the phone number of satisfied clients who can confirm the quality of their work in exchange for your patronage.

Understanding what materials you are getting and the installation process is also essential. If a contractor is unwilling to explain these things in detail, or if they insist that you immediately decide to get a special price, switching to a different organization is preferred.

Most trustworthy contractors will accept full payment only after the project is completed and you are delighted. Be wary of any that ask for cash or checks, as this may be a sign of financial instability or untrustworthiness.

Get a Quote

A reputable contractor will do one of the most important things before beginning work on your fence to draw up a contract and give you an accurate quote. It can prevent any surprises that may come up later on.

Additionally, a reputable company will use professional-grade products designed to last longer and withstand various conditions. Ensure that they can also provide you with samples of their previous work. Knowing how much of an expert they are can help you.

They will also be knowledgeable about any regulatory criteria that must be met. It guarantees they have the necessary equipment and knowledge to finish your job successfully. Additionally, it will aid in preventing any problems that can end up spending more money in the long term.

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