June 24, 2024
Small Apartment

If you’re living in a small space and everything feels cluttered and disorganised, these ideas will help you use it to the maximum.

Consider tension rods

For those with limited laundry space or a small laundry room/closet, finding room to hang-dry clothes becomes essential. In this case, use a tension rod. It allows you to create extra vertical space, and it’s renter-friendly if that’s a problem for you. Tension rods extend to any size you need and lock in place so you can use them nearly anywhere. Such a feature makes them an ideal choice for those living in small spaces – allowing you to maximise every inch of your home by creating hanging divisions for clothes or laundry.

Use your door as a storage opportunity

Consider investing in door-mounted hooks that can be effortlessly attached to the upper part of your door, providing a practical solution for hanging items and maximising space utilisation. They’re renter-friendly, don’t damage anything and create more space for storing larger items. You can effectively keep items elevated and free from the clutter on the ground, ensuring they are out of the way while taking up minimal extra space. You can come up with many ways to put the hooks into use, from hanging an ironing table to a foldable laundry basket.

The key to a successful small space is multifunctional furniture

You can find a range of desks, dining tables, and king-size beds in versatile styles that offer easy storage options when not in use. This allows you to maximise your space and keep your living area tidy and functional. Besides folding furniture, there are also pieces that have multiple functions, such as desks that can turn into tables and couches. Multi-purpose and folding furniture allows you to use your living space to the maximum. In small living spaces, it is a popular choice to replace a conventional bed with a pullout sofa or a daybed that doubles as a comfortable seating option. This clever furniture solution not only saves space but also provides a convenient way to tuck away items and maintain an organised environment.

Get rid of clutter

When your small living space becomes overwhelmed with possessions, it can feel chaotic and far from cosy. In such cases, it’s essential to seek out storage spots to neatly conceal your belongings. Consider incorporating shelving units, built-in storage cabinets, sliding doors, or bookcases into your space. These storage solutions not only help maintain an organised and clutter-free environment but also contribute to creating a more serene and restful atmosphere. Expand your thinking beyond the usual places. Install a storage space under your bedding. There are many storage options that also serve as beautiful decor pieces. Also, get rid of the belongings that don’t serve a purpose – either because they’re impractical or don’t bring you joy anymore. Storage baskets can help you organise certain items, such as workout equipment or magazines.

Keep larger furniture items on the edges of the rooms

Place bigger items, such as bookcases and couches, against the walls instead of in the middle of the room to create more open space for movement.

Open up the space by letting light inside

Proper lighting can significantly enhance the openness of a small living space. Instead of using blackout blinds, prefer window treatments that allow natural light to filter in, creating a more expansive and airy atmosphere. Additionally, consider incorporating additional light sources to bring warmth and brightness to the space. Thoughtfully chosen to light can play a crucial role in opening up the room and making it feel more inviting and spacious. Enhance the effect by including mirrors. Reflective items give more light to your space and make it appear bigger. If you don’t have room for floor or table lamps, place them in spots that don’t take up primal space.

Consider a loft bed

In a small living space, furniture with legs can create a sense of openness by allowing the area underneath to be utilised effectively. Consider incorporating a loft bed in your small bedroom, which provides a functional nook underneath that can be transformed into a work desk or storage area. Another option is a compact flatbed, which can instantly expand a one-person bedroom when needed. Many flatbeds come with built-in drawers, offering additional storage opportunities. Elevating your bed, even without a loft or flatbed, provides extra space underneath to keep clutter at bay. Utilise suitcases stored underneath the bed to further maximise storage capacity.

Avoid visual clutter as much as possible

Remove the cabinet doors from your kitchen or bathroom to create an open shelving look. It’s an excellent solution for anyone who feels like their rental kitchen is tiny. If you’re someone who loves the open concept of cabinetry, taking off the cabinet doors expands the space because you can see right to the wall; it brightens and opens the space up. You can also do this in a smaller way by just removing one or two cabinet doors to create a display area to show dishes, plates or decor pieces that you like. For individuals who have a collection of matching dishes and a penchant for organisation, utilising open shelving can be an ideal choice. Not only does it provide a functional storage solution, but it also allows the shelves to showcase the dishes, adding a decorative touch to the space. This arrangement not only keeps the dishes easily accessible but also adds a personalised and stylish element to the kitchen or dining area.

Use the vertical space to a maximum

A shelving system from the bottom to the top of a wall will help you store many items if you don’t have a storage room or an office to put them away. Utilising vertical space for styling purposes can be a game-changer in small living areas. By building upwards, you can maximise the number of items you can display on your walls. Consider the space above your TV, door, or kitchen cabinets as a potential area for adding decorative elements or functional storage. Don’t forget to think vertically when it comes to styling and making the most of your available space.

Get more furniture in lighter tones

This instantly brightens up a small space, bounces colour and reflects off daylight.

Let each space be it’s own

In a small space, breaking up areas, either with pieces of furniture or rugs, is a great way to symbolise different areas.

Consider the scale of your furniture and your room

When furnishing a smaller room, it’s advisable to avoid purchasing oversized and heavy furniture, as it can overpower and visually weigh down the space. Choosing smaller-scale furniture allows for better flow and makes the room feel more spacious and airy. Additionally, consider multifunctional furniture options that can serve multiple purposes and provide storage solutions, further maximising the functionality and efficiency of your small space.


Organising a small apartment requires strategic planning, innovative solutions, and a commitment to maximising space. By prioritising functionality, minimising visual clutter, and investing in smart storage solutions, you can create a well-organized and visually appealing living space. Additionally, incorporating domestic cleaning services can help you maintain a tidy and clutter-free environment. Embrace the possibilities of your small apartment and enjoy the benefits of an organised and comfortable living space.

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