May 20, 2024
Adding Internet in a Detached Garage

As working from home becomes more of a norm, some people have grown concerned about where they can set up a dedicated workspace in the home. Many lack the extra space to do this inside the main house, especially if both partners need to work from home. Garage spaces have become a good solution, but it can be harder to adapt them for work use when they are detached. At times, detached garages are a greater distance from the house, meaning that Wi-Fi connections can get spotty. Here are a few ways you can make it easier to connect to the internet from a detached garage workspace.

Check Settings

Sometimes you can get the results you want by simply checking on the settings of your equipment. Something as simple as changing the frequencies on your router can be enough to boost its signal and allow you to access the internet more reliably from your detached garage. Do some research online, consult with a technician, or check with your ISP tech support to see if this may be the case.

Reposition Your Router

Routers are typically centrally located in the house, so all devices can catch the signal wherever they are inside. If your detached garage is not too far away, you may be able to more reliably catch its signal by simply repositioning your modem within the home. This would be best achieved by placing the router closer to the side of the house where the detached garage is located. However, this may mean sacrificing this connection to the other side of the house, forcing occupants to move closer to where the router is if they want internet access. Since this may mean extra cabling, you may want to contact your ISP or electrician for help.

Upgrade Your Hardware

When it comes to electronics, you will often find that older models have limitations that newer ones have overcome. You may find that upgrading your router or modem could provide a stronger signal that adequately reaches your detached garage. Consider the equipment you are already using and if somewhat old, consider investing in upgrades that better serve your purpose. Experts recommend upgrading your router and modem equipment every 3-5 years to take advantage of advancements in technology.

Add an Extender

Wi-Fi extenders or repeaters are devices used to boost your router’s signal. You can even use several of them until you achieve your goal. This way, you can keep your older modem and still manage to get the signal reaching your garage. Often the more range that is achieved, the slower the connection. Invest in high-quality equipment that will minimize the problem of speed loss. Also, check that the extender you use has a roaming capability that will also increase the reliability of the connection.

Add a Powerline Network Adapter

This device can use your home’s electrical circuit to transmit your internet signal. As long as you have an electric connection in your detached garage, you can use this to connect it to another adapter in the house. This connector will have to be close to and connected to the router with an ethernet cable.

Install Another RouterĀ 

Installing a new router in your garage could be another option if the distance between the structures is too great. It may add to the cost of your internet services, but if working from home, the additional expense could easily be justified.

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