June 24, 2024
How to set up a massage room at home?

Transport, requests at all costs, meal management and other daily routines tirelessly punctuate our weeks. So, after a long and exhausting day, we dream of relaxing, fully enjoying a moment of zen, or even, the supreme Grail, a well-deserved relaxing massage. But making time for yourself by making an appointment at a beauty salon or spa is sometimes utopian. And if the solution was to bring the institute to your home permanently? So, we push the furniture a little and install our own massage room available 7 days a week. Whether you like to receive them or rather lavish them, transform your house into a wellness areais child’s play. Living room, bedroom, bathroom or dedicated space become a cocoon. And of course we take the decoration option.


To (re)find serenity in your inner self, as in the interior of the house, you have to know how to separate yourself from the superfluous. On the program, authenticity and simplicity. You declutter your brain and your home. If one is a follower of the cluttercore trend disorder , one at least tries to respect this basic rule in the place designated as a space of calm. Then we refine the atmosphere by relying for example on the rules of Feng Shui decoration , without forgetting to take care of the environment as a whole. Lighting, wall color, music, smells, temperature… everything makes sense and contributes to feeling good. The key word: reconnection.

The light

Of course, there is no question of opting for too violent lighting. If suspensions or halogens there are, then they will remain off. Small lamps with an evanescent and diffuse light will gladly be installed not far from the message table. Candles with more or less intoxicating scents will also be charming allies to create the desired atmosphere. Alternatives, which do not pollute the air inside the room: LED candles. Less risky than their wax cousins, they will nevertheless be able to make their fake flame ripple like real ones (or almost).

The painting

Cold, soft and serene colors are preferred in relaxation areas and create a relaxing decor . We therefore banish flashy colors or aggressive prints that solicit too much attention or stimulate the mind. Here, everything should be calm, zen and letting go. While white, ecru and the entire neutral color palette is recommended, more muted, organic and enveloping shades are also welcome. Exit the too energizing red, we prefer for example a warm terracotta with more soothing virtues. To border on perfection, blue or green, colors of relaxation par excellence, will promote serenity, rest and relaxation.


When it comes to zenitude, you have to be particularly vigilant. What relaxes us can greatly exasperate our neighbor. If some give themselves up lasciviously to the first notes of birdsong, the coming and going of the waves or the tropical rain, others will need soft music or even absolute silence. The rule is the same in decoration. No need to push the line to the extreme with bamboos, orchids, Tibetan bowls or other gongs to feel calm. Natural materials, organic shapes, comforting objects invite themselves into the room. The furniture is low, to be anchored in the ground, materials such as wood or linen diffuse their sensuality and minimalism refocuses us on ourselves. As for the walls, the furniture and accessories are adorned with softness ranging from white to pastel via ecru. Finally, for a feeling of total relaxation and cutting yourself off from the outside environment, you create a decompression bubble. For that, what better than ascreen to isolate themselves from others and solicitations.


Indispensable, among the essentials: the message table. As a novice, it’s complicated to navigate and make the right choice. Beyond aesthetics, it is above all necessary to think about functionality. But then, how to choose it well? Which model to choose?

The massage table: how to choose it?

You choose your table according to the space devoted to this activity. Whether you have a large house, a dedicated room or live in a small area, you will adapt your selection. For occasional use, for lack of space or for a nomadic life, a folding and light model will be preferred. Without constraint, a fixed table will be perfect. Once these considerations have passed, you have to think about comfort, height and influence in the relaxation area. The bigger the table, the heavier it will be and therefore the desire to use it, complicated. The lighter it is, the less stable it will be. The truth lies between the two. Side width it is necessary to count from 65 cm and up to 80 cm. Thus the massaged will take place comfortably, and the masseur will work easily and move around without bumping into the walls or furniture. height level, you have to be able to adjust it to your size. In general they vary from 60 cm to 85 cm. Finally, comfort. The average duration of a treatment session is between 20 and 30 minutes, so, so that this moment of pleasure does not turn into torture, a foam padding between 5 and 10 cm thick is ideal. To do well, a space of 6 m2 minimum to work easily is desired. However, if it is impossible to have this area in order to exercise fully, it will be preferable to fall back on a massage chair. With its reduced footprint and its smaller size, it is the right one for those who want to have fun despite everything.

massage accessories

Once the message room is installed, the decor set and the table up, all that remains is to think about accessorizing, which has no accessory but its name. Indeed, you should not overlook these little extras. If some are of the order of detail, nevertheless instilling an atmosphere conducive to relaxation, other objects are essential. Among the must-haves are massage oilsas well as bath towels to cover the table and/or the happy person massaged. A light sheet or throw can also do the trick. If the relaxation area is not independent and closed by a door, then a screen will perfectly play this role of separator. Finally, subdued lighting in the form of small lamps will end up plunging us into a gentle lasciviousness. Plants, music, wall decoration, small storage… will complete this new place which, we bet, will become your tribe’s favorite spot.

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