July 18, 2024
Packing Tips and Coordination

Are you planning a home or commercial move? This can be hectic when you lack the right team and skills. However, with adequate planning and high-quality packaging supplies, you can ease your move and enjoy every bit of the process. One of the most daunting moving tasks is packing, and any professional mover will tell you to do this early. Nonetheless, learning a few packing and coordination tips will ease the stress associated with moving.

 Here are packing and coordination ideas worth considering:

1. Prepare and plan ahead

We all relocate at some point in life, and how you plan your move determines your success. Planning is one of the crucial aspects of moving, and staying organized will ease the entire process. Therefore, put everything in order and do this early enough. Essential things to plan for include your finances, moving supplies, hiring professional moves, and organizing your new place. If you need storage at your destination, plan for this early and arrange for a change of utilities in advance.

2. Acquire the right supplies

You will easily damage your value if you don’t use high-quality packing materials. These range from sturdy boxes, bubble wraps, tape, markets, etc. Inquire from the movers what you need, and acquire these in advance. You can get some boxes from local stores near you or have the moving company supply all you need. Some movers offer packing services and will ease the process since they understand what is needed for different types of goods.

3. Seek help

You may want to do a DIY move to save on finances, but this can be hectic and risky. If moving an office or bulky and delicate household appliances, you are better off with professionals. This is why most people seek help from the Metcalf Moving team to minimize breakages during transit.

With professional movers, you save time and can be sure your valuables are handled professionally. However, it’s wise to choose an experienced mover who has dealt with similar goods like yours. So get a quote early, and be sure of the services offered.

4. Disasemble bulky furniture

Packing bulky items like furniture and kitchen appliances requires skills. These won’t fit in the usual boxes, and you need the right skills to avoid damaging them. One of the easy ways is to detach the parts and assemble them upon arrival. Keep any bolts and nuts safely in a separate bag to ease assembling. If unsure how to do this, hire expert movers with experience handling such types of goods.

5. Cut back on clutter

Most movers charge per luggage, so you will spend more if moving with so much stuff. Therefore, declutter and only move with what you need. Packing can be hectic, especially if you have to carry loads of clothes, shoes, books, and electronic appliances. Sort your items in different heaps, and dispose of what you rarely use. You can donate or sell the items and acquire new ones in your new home or office. Also, this will help save on space and avoid crowding in your new place.


Learning the right moving ideas can make a difference in your home or commercial move. Hire the right team, and save yourself the stress of moving a home or office. Moreover, budget right and set aside some cash for unforeseen expenses. Lastly, acquire high-quality packing supplies and pack like a pro!

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