July 18, 2024
Moving Stress-Free

The idea of moving to a new and better place is exciting. However, the real stress comes when packing and moving your belongings. No doubt that moving is a daunting task for many people. However, how you do things can help minimize stress and have an easy time moving. The following are ten simple tips to help have a stress-free move.

Declutter and Organize

Before you start packing, you should sort out your items first. Go room by room and sort out based on what you want to move with, sell, donate, recycle or throw away. Decluttering saves time and effort. Furthermore, it will reduce the load b ensuring you only move with what you need.

Recycle Boxes

Instead of buying boxes, recycle the ones you might have. For instance, use original boxes to pack electronics or other items. You can also collect boxes from your local restaurant or grocery store.

Hire Professional Movers

The best thing to reduce the moving burden is to hire excellent movers. Go for a great option like Molloy Bros. Moving and book them early if you know the moving date. Confirm with them after a few weeks to let them know you will still be moving. You must also ensure you hire a well-reputed company that will protect your assets from damage or theft.

Make a List

Make packing easy and fast by creating a list. Go from one room to another and list what you want to pack. Ensure you drop a box when making a list. This list will tell you the amount of work and the necessary packing materials. It will also ensure you have accounted for everything.

Get Enough Sleep

As much as you have a lot of work, taking care of your body is important. Make sure you eat well and get enough sleep. It will help you remain focused and have the energy to pack. So, take care of your body to keep your mind alert.

Start Early

Avoid the last-minute rush by starting in advance. Start a month before the moving day to pack unless you have to move on short notice. Gather supplies, agree with the moves, and pack bit by bit. Set a deadline so that you will be done when the moving day comes.

Gather Packing Supplies

Your list of items will help you know the supplies you need to pack. Nonetheless, some things like seal tape, wraps, a marker, and boxes are obvious. Do it in advance so that you can start packing early.

Label Boxes

Stay organized and ensure packing and unpacking is easy by labeling your boxes correctly. Label the fragile items and the room every box belongs to. This will ensure you don’t have to open every box when unpacking to figure out where it belongs. You can also use color codes to identify rooms.

Pack Essentials

Make sure you also have a bag of essential items you use frequently. The box should carry your phone charger, toiletries, change of clothes, medication, and so on.

Protect Valuables

Keep valuables like jewelry and family treasures with you. Don’t load them in the truck unless you will get in the truck when moving. Instead, please keep them in your car.


Moving does not have to be stressful as long as you know what to do. Try these tips and take care of your body. You will minimize stress and make it easy when settling in your new place.

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