June 24, 2024
Tools do Carpenters

If woodwork was something that you loved in school and are now keen to take it up as a hobby, then you will probably be wondering what kind of tools you will need to get started. It might be that you want to start doing some odd jobs around the house, or that you are hoping to create your own stunning wooden pieces for the yard. Woodworking is a hobby that anyone can enjoy as long as they have the right tools and the patience to get the job done right.

What Tools Will You Need?

Every carpenter relies on a variety of tools to help make their job both quicker and easier, and while a woodworking hobby will not make you a carpenter, it does makes sense to use similar tools.


Carpenters usually use more than one type of saw, depending on the job being done. The good folk at Devour Tools say that the saw is one of the most important tools for the carpenter. Whether it is a circular saw used to make straight cuts on large pieces of timber or a jigsaw to shape curves and patterns, carpenters must make sure their equipment is fitted with the right blades. Instead of diamond saw blades that are often used for cutting really hard substances, carpenters tend to use regular metal blades that will give a clean cut and will not chip the wood. A handsaw is also good to have for small cuts.


A clawhammer is a tool that drives nails into wood. It has a head made of metal with one side being flat to drive the nails into the wood and the other shaped in a curved claw to pull nails out if necessary. The handle will usually be made from wood, but it can be metal or fiberglass too.

Power Drill

As well as driving nails into wood, carpenters will screw pieces of wood together and will often use their drill to make pilot holes in the wood before inserting the screws. The power drill can be used for inserting screws, but some carpenters prefer to use a less powerful electric screwdriver instead.


While it is possible to smooth wood using sandpaper, it is quicker and easier with an orbital sander. The power sander produces better results than hand sanding, which can often result in deep scratches or uneven sanding.

Tape Measure

To measure wood to the correct lengths, carpenters will need a tape measure. A retractable tape measure with both metric and imperial calibrations is an essential tool for anyone working with wood. Some carpenters will invest in a laser tape measure as it is easier to use for large projects when working alone.


If you are putting up shelves or building a piece of furniture out of wood, you will need to make sure that vertical and horizontal lines are level. Levels come in different sizes, and the one needed will depend on the project. Smaller levels are ideal for jobs around the home, but if you are planning on building a large outdoor wooden structure, you might find that a larger level is preferable.


If you want to start a woodworking hobby, you will need to make sure that you have the right tools to get the finish that you want. Carpenters use a variety of tools such as saws, hammers, screwdrivers, and tape measures to help them do their job.

Woodworking is a fantastic hobby, and with so many invaluable resources online, you can get all the help and instruction you need to create some exceptional wooden pieces for your home.

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