May 20, 2024
End Of Tenancy

Moving out of a rented property could be a stressful and time-consuming experience for any tenant, which is many people hire a moving company.

It is usually associated with complex tasks such as packing and sorting luggage. Trying to balance the bills and paperwork for your current and new rental is another problematic aspect that you can include.

In addition, figuring out how to do end-of-tenancy cleaning before moving out certainly does not make things easier. While rushing to prepare everything for the final inspection, some of us aim to take care of unfamiliar tasks.

Of course, trying and doing as much as possible is always a good idea. However, some of these should be held by professionals.

What are the tenant’s responsibilities during the end of tenancy

First things first. Before you make any plans, it is essential to check what is your tenant agreement.

You need to know what you should and should not do when vacating the property. Leaving it in a tidy and pristine condition is your number one priority. Ensuring that all personal belongings are removed is another one included.

Of course, depending on the terms of your agreement, you might be responsible for carrying out other tasks such as repairs and maintenance. If you cannot meet these expectations, prepare for some deduction from your security deposit.

Remember that in some cases, failing to handle these responsibilities can lead to legal action on behalf of the landlord.

Leave any plumbing tasks

Some plumbing issues may occur when it is time to vacate your property. Such can be a leak, a running toilet or a clogged drain.

Unless you specialise in this area, you should refrain from undertaking such plumbing jobs. Fixing those issues without the proper tools and knowledge can cause damages that will cost you thousands.

It is good to know that, in most cases, this must be communicated to and handled by the landlord. Of course, going through the process takes a lot longer than you would like to, but it will save you money and worries.

Additionally, having a good relationship with your landlord is always beneficial. You might get permission to make personal arrangements and resolve the issue.

Don’t play with electricity before moving out.

Another task you should leave to the professionals when you move out relates to the electricity throughout the property. Even though it may sound simple, you should avoid doing it without the proper knowledge and equipment.

Even if you are lucky and avoid the worst, a lack of proper training can cause severe damage to the entire electrical system. In some cases, it can even run the risk of burning the whole property down.

Trying to change powerpoints or light switches could be dangerous or even life-threatening to you and your family.  If you need to disconnect any fixtures or appliances before moving out, always use the services of a licensed electrician.

Spending a few extra pounds rather than dealing with a more severe problem is better.

Better say that renovations are forbidden

As unfortunate as they are, accidents are part of our day-to-day life, especially during the end of tenancy cleaning or the move-out itself. When rushing things, it is not uncommon to scratch the floor, damage a tile or even chip a wall. While quickly fixing the damage might be tempting to save time and money, this may lead to unpleasant situations.

Landlords make sure to prohibit any type of alterations to the property. The tenancy agreement has a particular clause to prevent tenants from making such repairs.

Even if you think the changes will improve the property’s condition, you should always seek approval from your landlord before attempting any home renovation.

The garden is the last thing to think about during a move out

Gardening maintenance usually falls within your responsibilities as a tenant at the property. Keeping this in mind, even when it is well-maintained, ensuring the garden is in the best condition for the final inspection may prove challenging.

It is a significant task, and usually, people make the mistake of trying to get it done as soon as possible so that they can focus on other areas of the property. Doing it too early, however, could fail your final inspection, as the property manager or landlord may not find its condition to their liking.

After completing the end-of-tenancy cleaning, the garden should be fixed when you have already moved out your stuff. Doing the gardening closer to the last day of your tenancy will make it look better for the final viewing.

The truth is that you are already exhausted when you finish packing, moving and cleaning.

Seeking help with gardening will allow you to focus on moving to your new property, leaving enough time to unpack and enjoy your first days at your new home without being emotionally and physically drained.

Handyman jobs are tough.

Fixing minor damages or making repairs before moving out can certainly be tempting. Despite this, you must remember that even the smallest of repairs can become a major issue if you don’t have the proper tools and knowledge.

If, by chance, you notice any damages to the property that are not caused by simple wear and tear, it is always recommended to contact your property manager or landlord.

The best way to handle it is by arranging the services of a professional who will inspect the premises and complete any significant or minor repairs that need to be carried out.

Having the amount deducted from your deposit is better than missing your deadline by spending too much time on the handyman jobs.

Hire a professional cleaning company for your end of tenancy cleaning

If this is your first time moving out, you may be wondering what is the end of tenancy cleaning.

Well, it refers to the profound cleaning of the rental property before you return the keys to the landlord. Over 50% of all disputes over the deposit are related to issues with the final cleaning.  Remember that property managers are very picky regarding the final inspection of the premises.

Despite that, we all clean our premises regularly and know a few move-out cleaning tips. In this case, it is best to trust a professional cleaning company to ensure your full deposit back.

These companies go through the agency or landlord’s checklist and will save you some time and stress. Moreover, you can be confident that those webs behind the couch will be handled without you doing odd yoga positions to remove them.


Moving out can be one of the most challenging tasks you have had to deal with. A healthy relationship and proper communication with your landlord are key when planning the entire process.

Make sure to inspect the premises before you begin. Create a list of professional services you may require, and contact them in advance. Relying on the help of specialists throughout the journey will save you valuable time and help you secure the return of your deposit.

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